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NavArtis consulting services focus primarily on Marine and Oil & Gas Marine projects. Through extensive network of experienced professionals and our own “hands - on experience", we can cover most aspects of offshore marine activities. Our field of expertise ranges from basic and detail design, advice on technical methodologies, resource allocation and project management, to commercial aspects of offshore project. Our clients are Contractors, Owners, Operators and, recently, Shipyards.


Interaction with other specialists have allowed us to broaden the scope of service we provide, and through the network of other consultants, we are able to provide advice and support on a wide range of technical and commercial topics on or off client’s site.


Through the network we have access to more than 90 experienced Engineers worldwide, all experts in their own field, most of them with academic degree.


Consultancy and advisory


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Basic, detail and fabrication engineering

Decomissinoning and enviromental impact advisory


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What we do...


NavArtis is able and proud to provide a wide range of services spaning throughout entire lifespan and duration of the project where Technical/Engineering, Commertial and Fabrication support and advisory is included.

We are also able to assist during operational, long term phase to make your asset more efficient where maintenace plans and operational procedures are only part of wide scope we can cover.


Our extensive level of experiance and knowledge makes us able to review and advise on existing and ongoing design work to reduce project costs and schedule overruns.


Developing our and our clients knowledge and working with companies who improve continuously is one of our main goals. Our scientfic services may be of assistance in that domain where development of new technology and scrutanising research and findings is the target.


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